A Simple Guide to Finding Your Family Dream Home

Finding your dream home is something that doesn’t happen overnight. With the tight real estate market these days, it’s challenging to find the right spot to call home. Taking on a 30-year financial commitment is not something that should be done without plenty of deliberation. There are many things to consider when it comes to buying the right house for your family.

Building a List of Needs

It’s better to be patient and get what you want than to settle and be unhappy. Here are a few tips that will put you in the right direction to ensure you find your dream home.

1. Figure Out What’s More Important

You must balance needs with wants, and that’s not always easy to do. While you want a 4-bedroom home, could you do with a 3-bedroom? When it comes to style, do you prefer a ranch or a two-story? Do you need things like a garage, basement, fenced in backyard, or a spot for guests? There are many things to consider, so don’t get taken with curb appeal and ascetics when there are other items that are more significant. You can always add decorative touches later.

2. Don’t Go Solely on Internet Pictures

The internet has become a great place to buy just about anything, including a home. However, you should never buy sight unseen unless you have no choice. Take your time and tour the house. Don’t rush through this process as you need to imagine yourself there cooking, having family time, and living your best life. Each home has a different feel about it, and there are always other things to consider. So, you certainly don’t want to go from pictures alone to make such a large purchase.

3. Set Your Budget

First off, it is important to discuss and commit to a budget with your partner before you begin your search for your dream home this upcoming year for your family. For example, you can find excellent New Orleans homes for sale that are perfect for you and within your budget. You won’t want to be so rigid on your budget that there’s no wiggle room, as it’s traditionally hard to get all your heart desires within the price point you want. Working with a realtor can show you what you can get for your money, which may surprise you.

4. Are You Willing to Do Any Work?

Many homes on the market aren’t turnkey. Some need complete remodels, while others need some cosmetic work. Find out what you’re willing to do and what is too much for you to handle. Some people have no issue tearing out the carpet for hardwoods or painting a couple of rooms, but they are leery of a kitchen that needs to be gutted. You must also factor in the cost of renovations. Is it better to pay a little more for a turn-key property, or would you rather pay less and remodel? Don’t forget those remodeling costs add up fast.

5. Location

Perhaps one of the most important things outside of your budget is the home’s location. There is undoubtedly a city and rural home in the area, but you need a close place to work, or the school districts you desire. The closer you are to attractions in Louisiana, the more you will pay. It’s essential to balance the budget with the location, as you could spend a ton of money commuting to work just to get a less expensive home, and that’s counterproductive.

6. Get Pre-approved

You must have a pre-approval letter these days to put an offer on any home. A prequalification doesn’t count anymore, as realtors need to see a specific dollar amount before writing an offer. Additionally, this will help with your budgeting too.

7. Be Prepared for a Bidding War

With homes going above asking price during bidding wars, sellers want to see the client with the most to offer. The more contingencies and other stipulations you have for your loan or purchase, the less likely you will be chosen should a bidding war occur. Don’t go in with a low-ball offer, as it will likely have a slim chance of being accepted.

Final Thoughts on Buying Your Dream Home

Buying a home is a lengthy process. Some people who rush through this significant purchase often live to regret it. Since the market favors sellers, it helps to have a list and a plan in mind before you start looking. When you find a couple of homes that work for your budget and needs, you need to be willing to act quickly.


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