7 Tips When Hiring A Birthday Party Character

Hiring A Birthday

So, the big day for your little one is getting closer every day and you are still planning the party yet. Whether it’s a surprise party or you are openly sending the invitations to their buddies and loved ones, hiring a birthday character can make their day even more lovely.

You can make their evening magical with their favorite characters from the fictional world. Are you a little confused about how to choose one? Every parent can relate to this struggle because everyone wants nothing but the best for their bundle of joy.

Here are the top 7 tips on how to choose the best from birthday party characters and how to plan an amazing birthday. Make it memorable for the years to come!

Look For The Favorite Character Of Your Child

This is the number one tip to make it a memorable birthday party. You as a parent generally know about the favorite fictional character of your child. And if you don’t take a look at their drawing books or simply ask about them.

If you are planning a party on a limited budget, look up entertainers online. Check social media profiles and reach out to the best ones. Talk if they can be that character for your event. Make sure to check the images or videos of their previous events so you know what to expect.

Igloo Party

Even the most favorite party characters will fall short of your expectations if you have not set up space already. The igloo party theme is a great option for children who are celebrating their birthday in an outdoors setting. A tent will be needed to house the decorations, food, and guests. An igloo party tent can be purchased to accommodate 10-15 people at a time. It’s good for the kids because it lets them get outside in the cold without actually getting cold.

Choose The Right Showtime

It is incredibly important! Most of the entertainers charge by the hour and you don’t want to pay money for the time they were waiting for your guests to arrive. Moreover, many of them are booked already so make sure you are choosing the right show time. Always keep half an hour as a wiggle room. It is more fun when the character from your child’s fictional world step into the venue and surprise everyone.

If Possible, Meet And Communicate With The Performer Before The Party

If you are looking for that perfect party, it is recommended to meet and communicate with the person. Discuss the things you want for your child and guests. Giving exact details can be super helpful for the performer as well. When you are running short of ideas, you can always ask them for their ideas. As they have entertained dozens if not hundreds of children at events, they know what works best for which age groups.

Let The Character Handle The Audience

The real magic unfolds when the audience feels they are spending time with that character. And for that to happen, let the character handle the audience (other than some exceptions!). Too many distractions may affect the aura.

Keep One Character At A Time Policy

This is one of the best policies ever made. Parties are supposed to be fun and too many rules spoil the fun but there must be some to keep the fun alive. This is one of them. If you are planning to invite more than one character, keep some time for each of them. There could be an ending session with all of them together but let the guests enjoy the performance of each of them.

Bring In The Magic With Dress Ups

Dress-ups have always been fun. They will always be fun. Set up a theme and inform the guests well ahead. This can make the evening more interesting (conditions apply!). When planning for the costumes ensure that there is enough space in the venue for everyone to move around safely. No one likes to remember a birthday with trip and fall accidents.

Get In Touch With The Best Party Planners

Whether you want a kids costume party or need a few hours of Ella in your house, hiring professional party planners can make it easy for you. Although you will spend a bit more money, you can protect yourself from a lot of stress and dive into the fun. Relive your childhood fantasies with your child!