5 ways to set up your bbq for the summer season


Here are 5 ways to set up your bbq for the summer season:

1. Clean bbq cover

The bbq cover is an essential accessory to have, it serves two purposes. Firstly, it protects the bbq from the elements and damage that can be caused by extreme weather conditions or by other things that might cause damage to the bbq. Secondly, a bbq cover helps with appearance. A bbq looks much better when it’s clean and shiny! It also prolongs the life of your bbq because harsh weather will not damage its surface either way so why not protect your bbq in case you want to use it next year? When choosing a bbq cover there is four main materials to consider: canvas, polyester, PVC vinyl and leather.

2. Stay bbq-ready!

If you want to have a bbq party or just bbq at home regularly it is important that the bbq remains bbq-ready throughout the whole year, not just during summer time! Be proactive and schedule bbqs so there will be time for maintenance of the bbq between bbqs. First of all, wipe down your bbq after use. Some people think this is only needed if they’ve been cooking fish/ seafood but it’s very important to do even if you haven’t been using any acidic substances on your bbq because charcoal can damage surfaces and be corrosive if left uncleaned for too long. Cleaning with hot water and bbq cleaning brush is the best way to do it. After bbq-ing there might be some bbq seasoning left on your bbq which you should remove after bbq-ing just before you clean it. It will come off easily if bbq brushes are used for this purpose, otherwise wire wool or steel wool can also work fine. If needed, use borax powder to get rid of any stubborn bits of food residue. At least once a month you should take out the grates from the bbq to give them a good scrubbing with hot soapy water being careful not to scratch them in any way. Use bicarbonate soda mixed water or vinegar depending on how tough the bbq grates are and how often you bbq on them. Once a year bbq spare parts such as bbq vents or bbq chimneys should be serviced so they work at their best all year round! Also, bbq utensils can become dirty and rusty over time so it’s good to give them some maintenance every now and again.

3. Start using bbqs more than just during summertime!

The best time to bbq is any time you feel like eating something delicious cooked on an open fire but we understand that this might not be applicable for everyone because of working hours/ living circumstances etc.; however there is still plenty of opportunities throughout the year to enjoy bbqs. Organize bbq potlucks with your friends, bbq cookouts in the park, bbq picnics or bbq hiking trips! If you want to bbq at home but don’t have a bbq – improvise! You can always use an indoor bbq grill/ halogen oven/ bain marie for cooking up some tasty stuff!

4. Buy new bbqs for your backyard

One of the best ways to make all other steps above even more effective is to invest in high quality bbqs that are designed better and will perform better. Cleaning utensils are essential when dealing with dirty bbqs so opt for stainless steel basting bbq brush with wooden handle to baste bbqs easily. Basting bbq brushes can be used for basting meat before and during bbq-ing it but also for basting sauces over food when serving/ eating bbq dishes! You may also want to buy a basting set which has one baster with silicone bulb head and another one with stainless steel tube making this tool even more multipurpose. Good quality bbqs will perform better because they are made using materials that will not corrode or rust easily, their parts will work better together (e.g. drawers won’t get stuck) and might even last longer than cheaper versions of these tools.

5. Don’t give up during bad weather

Bad weather will not stop bbq enthusiasts from bbq-ing! If you want to bbq and the weather doesn’t cooperate there are many ways to bbq indoors. Rotisseries, bbq ovens and electric bbqs/ halogen ovens can be easily used during colder months too. Just remember that indoor bbqs require some planning when it comes to food that might need different cooking times in comparison with outdoor bbqs.


BBQs are a huge part of British culture and British traditions so it’s very important to bbq properly taking into consideration all bbq safety rules. The British weather is unpredictable at times – bbq outdoors or indoors according to your preference but above all have fun bbq-ing!