5 Strategies How To Get Clients From Outside India


When a small business gains its desired stability, the next step becomes expanding what they have already built. And thinking of expanding it beyond the border and taking it overseas becomes a desire for these business owners.

However, the business owners may feel daunted while attempting to take their business abroad. But don’t you worry, there are multiple ways to appeal to foreign customers, and your business will surely gain enough profit abroad as well.

Through this article, I will educate you on how you can get clients from outside India.

5 Strategies For Getting Foreign Clients

Go Online

Going online is the first step towards getting clients from abroad. Be it a small business or a big one, taking your business online, and making an online presence is the first step towards getting more clients. Create a website for your business, cater your business info and advertisements on social media.

Getting an online presence makes you visible and more available for clients from any part of the world. Some foreign clients may be looking for businesses like yours. Foreign clients may use com.facebook.katana to look for your online presence. Your online presence will make them available to you.

A Good Business Proposal

Remember The Wolf of Wall Street? First, you need to know how to sell that ‘pen.’ You should have a ‘Client Proposal Kit’ of your own, containing all the efficiencies that a worthy client may look for. Having a good business proposal will help you keep your old clients while getting the attention of new ones.

Understanding The Know-How

You must root yourself deeply into the industry. To get international clients, you must be up to the task. It takes a very adept persuasion skill to convince them that you are the man that is the best for their job.

Put up good content or portfolio on your website. This may look like extra work, but this will be fruitful in the future. Your clients love to know about the best works you have done, and your website will provide them with intel about you, and the clients will engage by judging your good work examples.

Worldwide Shipping And Availability

To land clients from abroad or outside India, You need to avail your service or products to customers and clients abroad. For example, if you are selling products, you must make them available for shipping outside India. It doesn’t require shipment for a service-based business, but you must make yourself available to clients outside India.

Language Should Not Limit You

When you are willing to engage with customers outside India, you must not let the language barrier limit you. You must have options for different languages on your website to provide your clients with the information they need in their languages.

Additional Tips

These are 5 of the most necessary strategies you need to follow if you are trying to get clients from abroad. But there are some more points that you must check to succeed in getting foreign clients.

Good Customer Service is a must if you want to get clients from abroad. Your quality in giving the best to your customers makes you noticeable to clients even outside India. Be friendly and loyal to your clients. They must feel content after doing business with you. Engage more, ask them for feedback.

Good Communication is a key factor while building trust. Foreign clients search for questions like, is Mediafire safe? For international clients, trusting a foreign businessman such as yourself might be hard. Here the good Communication from your website will build trust for you. Your website must look trustworthy to clients from the international market.

Be authentic about work. There are sure to be competitors in your line of work, but you must have your genuine way of doing the same job that your competitors do. Your authenticity differs you from the other people in the same field and attracts clients towards you.

Market research is necessary for the type of product or service you are providing to your clients or customers. Knowing the market well will help you track and target the right customers, even from abroad.


It is very exciting to get clients outside India for those who are just starting. But, planned strategies and the right amount of effort surely helps to get international clients. You can follow the strategies that I talked about. Here is a list of social entrepreneurs in India if you want to follow them and their work.