5 Secrets About Cars Only Experienced Drivers Know About

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It’s good if you trust your car mechanic blindly, but not every mechanic is a true professional, and not everyone is as lucky as you are. Nowadays, people appear to be professional when they are actually not. If you are a car owner or a driver, you must be aware of certain things about your car so that when you take your vehicle to the metal garages, you know what is to be done, and when you take your car back from the repair, you can be assured that nothing wrong has been done to the vehicle.

There are plenty of things that you do unnecessarily for your car that can save up a lot of your time and effort. In this article, we will list five points that experienced and professional car drivers have shared.

Fasten your seat belts because it will be a long ride to the five secrets you must know about your cars.

Ensure When It is Absolutely Necessary to Replace Batteries

It is good to park your car under metal 2 car carports for various reasons like protection from the weather, harmful sun rays, and theft. Perhaps, to protect your vehicle, protecting its battery is of utmost importance. The car battery is fundamental and should be maintained well. So, how does the battery of your car get affected? You might think that the problem is with the battery, but the real problem is the battery wires are prone to corrosion. Now the question arises how do we prevent the battery wires from getting corroded? One trick that most people use is washing the battery wires with a cold drink. It helps to fight corrosion.

Alternatively, you can also try to recharge the same old battery if it resumes working. But when you go for battery replacement, make sure that you buy a new battery because batteries degrade very quickly.

Ensure You Do Not Run Out of Oil in Your Car

It is a familiar concept among all car owners and drivers that changing oil frequently is good for the car’s health. If you think that changing car oil after every 3000 miles is good, you should probably update the fact that you should do it after 7500 miles. Some experts even suggest we can wait till 10,000 miles before changing the oil. What is important here is that cleaning of oil is not that important because modern cars evaporate oil anyway. You should ensure that your car never runs out of oil.

Check If There is Rust on Your Brake Pads

Driving a car with poor brakes is risky. When you notice a screeching sound out of the car brakes, you should immediately go to the mechanic and get the brakes checked. Usually, the rust on the car brakes is the reason why brake pads get damaged. Removing the rust from the brake pads is easy.

You can brush, scrape or blast the rust off. If you wish, you may do it yourself by referring to some of the YouTube videos, or you may also get it done from a professional mechanic by paying some dollars.

Why are we telling you this? Because your mechanic might not tell you the real reason behind the spoiled brake pads and might ask you to replace them immediately.

Keep in mind that the brake pads should be replaced only when they are 90% worn out.

Be Careful While Taking the Free Car Inspections

The chances are less that your car mechanic will provide you with the exact information about the mechanical condition of your car. Your car might not need some of the services that your mechanic might suggest making money. Your mechanic might recommend replacing the battery or going for a tire rotation or oil change when the only thing your car might require would be battery charging. Knowing all of this is important so that you do not pay your hard-earned dollars on unnecessary services.

Try to escape from such requests from the mechanics and if you are sure about what your car needs precisely, go ahead, and impart the same knowledge to your mechanic too.

Do Not Ask Your Mechanic to Rotate the Tires

Many specialists believe that rotating the tires might not help in improving the speed of the car. So, what to do when your mechanic says that you need to rotate your cart tires? Well, politely say no. When it comes to getting the tires of the car rotated, you might not be able to differentiate whether they have been rotated or not until and unless you are an expert.  If you are stuck in a situation where you need a mechanics’ help to get the tires rotated, this tip might help. Make a mark on the tires with a permanent marker; that’s how you can easily cross verify that the mechanic has made the change to the tires or not!

Not All Mechanics Are Unprofessional, But It is Always Good to Know the Technicalities!

We are not saying that every mechanic might want to charge you high for unnecessary services, but it is always better to know about your daily usage. The above secrets shared by some of the expert drivers will help you in situations where you stumble upon a mechanic that actually just wants you to loosen your pockets for no real reason.