5 Must-Have Exterior Home Products

Maintaining the outside of your home is just as important as the upkeep of the inside, and you’ll want your home’s exterior to be equipped with all the best outdoor products. By adding the right features, you may quickly notice how well these products change your property for the better. These five must-have exterior home products can help make your property safer and more functional.

1. Surveillance Cameras

If you want your property to be looked after at all times, a surveillance camera system can act as an extra set of eyes. These cameras can record images of trespassers who come onto your property to try to steal, vandalize or commit other criminal acts. You can use the footage that you capture with your cameras to identify perpetrators and bring them to justice. Security cameras with infrared features can pick up images well at night.

Some of the best places to install these cameras include the areas above your front, back, and side doors and on sections of your house that overlook your garage and driveway. You can also place cameras in areas that are optimal for surveying your backyard.

2. Gutter Guard

A guard that goes over the openings of your gutters part way can keep out more of the leaves and other debris that can clog your gutter system. With less debris in your gutter system, water will be able to travel through the gutters easier without overflowing and spilling onto the sides and foundation of your house. A guard over your gutter system may also save you from having to clean your gutters as often.

You can choose from different gutter guards that will fit easily over your gutter openings so that only water and the smallest debris particles can get into your gutter system. These guards can also be removed easily if any cleaning or other work needs to be done on the gutters.

3. Outdoor Cooking Equipment

You can choose to get an entire outdoor kitchen installed in your backyard or order a few outdoor kitchen equipment pieces that can help you prepare meals outdoors better. Whether you plan to have guests over for an outdoor summer cookout or just want to have a nice meal outside with your family, outdoor kitchen equipment can be used to broil, barbeque or even bake many of your favorite food items.

A simple charcoal or propane grill might be all that you need to barbeque, but you can possibly make your barbequed foods taste even better if you invest in a state-of-the-art smoker and grill combination. An outdoor oven will allow you to prepare even more meals outdoors. You can even find burners, griddles, and rotisseries for sale that work great for outdoor cooking.

4. Retractable Canopy

If you want to sit outdoors on rainy or windy days, a retractable canopy can help shield you better from the elements. A retractable canopy can also be useful if you want to sit outside on sunny days and limit your direct sun exposure.

Motorized canopies that go over decks or patios can be extended and retracted with the push of a button on a remote. You can even leave the canopy partially retracted if you only want to cover a certain section of your deck or patio. The best canopies are made from durable materials that can withstand the damaging effects of moisture, wind and intense sunlight.

With these home products, you’ll be able to breathe new life into your exterior setting. Many of these products are easy to order and install and can give you top-level performance for the long haul.

5. Lights

As basic as outdoor lights might seem, your home could possibly use some exterior lighting additions that make different parts of your property more visible and attractive. With enhanced lighting, you can feel safer on your property and won’t have to worry as much about intruders sneaking onto your premises under the cover of darkness. You’ll also be less likely to trip over unseen objects when you’re walking around your property at night.

Classic post lights can be placed along your driveway and walkways and can give your home some old-fashioned charm. Lights with sensors that detect movement and have timers can be placed above doors for additional security. Recessed lighting can be especially good for illuminating the outsides of garage doors.