10 Front Porch Wedding Decorations To Make the Entry Grand

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Outdoor weddings are intimate and natural, honoring both the beauty of the world and the couple getting married!

If you are arranging a wedding at your house, you must decorate any public space that will be open to the public during the celebration. Particularly the front porch wedding decorations would really matter the most as it will be the entrance.

A porch serves as a backdrop for decorations and can even be utilized for wedding photos. It is generally the first thing visitors see, so it must make a good first impression. Moreover, if you’re in the planning phase of your wedding and are deciding on a wedding theme, you must decorate the porch accordingly, being centered on a chosen theme.

Important Things To Remember

A bride and groom should keep the following points in mind while planning front porch wedding decorations:

  • What are the hue pallets that naturally exist throughout the yard?
  • Where do you imagine the ceremony taking place, and will that site accommodate all wedding guests?
  • Is there any grass or garden that must be trimmed before the wedding?
  • When will the wedding occur, and what flora will be in flower then?
  • Will there be anything you need to plant ahead of time, such as flower bulbs that need to mature in the ground before the wedding?

Front Porch Wedding Decorations | 10 small touches you can add

Smooth Lighting

Lighting plays an important role as it can make a huge difference. If your wedding is in the evening, add lights to your garlands. Small lights flashing between the bouquets provide a romantic tint to photographs and enhance your overall front porch wedding decorations.

Adding Candles

Candles are a simple and romantic way to light up a space. You can scatter them around in jars, lanterns, and candle sticks or use them as table decorations.

Decorate the porch railings

For a romantic touch, gather and hang white tulle from the railing. Leaf garlands also give color and complexity to an autumn motif. In contrast, flower garlands can be wound over the porch structure for a spring or summer theme, and Pine needle garlands work wonderfully for a winter wedding.

Bring a scene of nature

Line the stairs and corners of the porch with potted flowers and things that represent the wedding’s theme. Add pumpkins, crows, or scarecrows to an autumn motif. Consider decorated Christmas trees or decorating with fake snow for a winter wedding. Viola!

Mason Jars

The beloved mason jar is here to stay!

They can be used for everything, flower displays, candle holders, cutlery dispensers; you name it. Start collecting jars early in your preparations, so you have plenty on the day for all your crafting requirements before the wedding.

Show Your Best Memories

Fill the remainder of the porch with all the moments meaningful to the bride and groom. These might include trinkets representing the couple’s inside jokes, favorite flowers, or candles emitting their favorite aromas. You may also decorate with pictures of the bride and groom.

Balloons Decor

Balloons provide a sense of playfulness and delight. If you like the look of the larger ones, helium is a requirement to get the desired height. Furthermore, try to get at least two different colors of balloons and keep the display small to add ribbon or lovely thread to enhance the appearance.

Use Flowers

What better way to decorate your doorstep than with lovely blooms? Flowers can be used in many ways, including basic fence decoration, table centerpieces, and floral arches.

Hanging Decor

One of the finest aspects of being outside is the natural beauty that will serve as your decor. Trees provide a structure to hang from if you want to add a little more to your front porch. Everything can play a beautiful role, from floral-adorned glass bottles to artistic hanging frames and books!

If you’re planning to tackle a task like this, make sure you have thick rope and a helper to tie the items to the branches; you don’t want stuff crashing down in the middle of the event!

Add Streamers

This is maybe my favorite outside (or inside) decoration. Streamers are pretty easy to make and can be used to decorate various elements. Hanging displays, ceremony backdrops, chair décor, and much more are waiting to be discovered.

Final Thoughts

Always match your decorations to the theme and choose contrasting colors for your wedding. You don’t want the decorations to clash with the outfits worn by the wedding party. One more thing, don’t go overboard with front porch wedding decorations. You really don’t want the porch to look crowded.