What Is A LASIK Laser, And Approximately How Much Does It Cost In India?

Technology has brought several changes in the domain of medical science. New and improved treatment approaches have emerged to better treat patients suffering from different ailments. Eye problems are no different. New and novel treatment options like the Lasik laser eye surgeries used to correct vision problems have emerged.

Lasik eye surgery

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, known as Lasik eye surgery is one of the latest forms of laser-driven eye operations. The number of Lasik surgeries is increasing in India, and so is the percentage of successful cases. In fact, Lasik eye surgery is one of the safest forms of eye surgery practiced in India. More than 1, 00, 00 Lasik eye surgeries happen annually across India.

More information

Lasik eye surgery is a technology-driven procedure where a laser corrects the cornea of the human eye to improve the vision pattern. Lasik eye surgery treats conditions of nearsightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism. Lasik is one of the safest eye operations that can treat problems due to corneal refractive error.

The science of the treatment

You see a vision clearly when the light rays travel through your eye cornea and the lens. The light is refracted by the cornea and the lens for the light ray to land on the eye retina. Next, the retina turns around the light in the form of signals to your brain, which generates vision and images. If there is a corneal problem, the light does not bend correctly, creating a problem in your retina focus. A problem in your retina focus makes your images and vision blurred.

The actual procedure

In Lasik eye surgery, your ophthalmologist changes your corneal shape with a laser. The surgery helps to improve the way the light gets focused on the retina, which makes your images and vision clear. Lasik eye surgery is one of the fastest forms of eye surgery that do not take more than some minutes to complete. People who have been through the procedure report that the preparations of the operations often take more time than the actual operation itself.

The cost factor

Lasik eye surgery is a technology-driven operation and can be a little expensive. However, you can get complete value from the Lasik eye surgery procedure. Lasik eye surgery is an elective treatment, and medical insurance does not pay for Lasik eye surgery. As a result, the patient needs to bear the Lasik treatment cost in India. However, if you have 7.5 D as your vision power, the operation can get coverage from medical insurance. However, in some cases, some leading eye clinics are helping their patients pay the cost of Lasik eye surgery. The hospitals have created lucrative packages, easy EMI payments, and much more to help their customers.

Understanding the cost pattern

Talking about the exact cost of a Lasik eye surgery can range between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. The spectrum is due to several factors that are at play and determine the overall cost of the surgery. Some aspects that affect the cost of the procedure are the eye clinic where the operation is organized, the surgeon and his team operating the before-eye operation tests, the post-operative care, the exact problem extent, the technology used for the eye laser operation, etc. When one of the factors changes, so does the final cost of the procedure.

Talk to your ophthalmologist

Since there are several options available in the procedure, making a choice or a decision can be challenging. When in doubt, talk to your eye specialist, as the eye surgeon is the best person to help you with the preoperative tests and the post-operative care required. There are many fancy services available with eye clinics, there is every possibility you do not need them. Follow your doctor’s advice regarding the tests and the post-operative care to make a success out of your Lasik eye surgery, and spend just the amount needed.

Talk to the eye hospital

You must talk to your hospital accounts and payment departments so that they can work on the best Lasik eye surgery packages for you. Some leading eye clinics are working to make attractive and affordable packages for their patients. Again they can assist you with EMI payments, safe payment mediums, and much more. In some cases, they can create specially customized packages for you according to your precise requirements. These and other services are there so that the leading eye clinics can cater to a maximum number of patients. You must talk to the hospitals in person to make the most of the available options. Investigate to find the best eye clinic with the best doctors and technology for a successful Lasik eye surgery. The quality of the eye clinic is crucial.