Quick and easy fix for your air conditioning

You need to install an air conditioning system in your home because you cannot stay in comfort without a cooling system in summer. Once you install an AC in your room, you need to maintain the system to keep it functional. Air conditioning repair is a mandatory deal, and you need to hire air conditioning services in Wanneroo to conduct the maintenance or repairing of the ACs. There are some problems that can only be fixed by calling an air conditioning from broadbeach, and some other requires the attention of the expert.

Here, in this article you can find some issues that you may face in your air conditioning system, and you can try the following tips to fix such issues:

Leakage in refrigerant: You can find your air conditioning units undercharged and it can lead to leakages in refrigerant. Adding refrigerant to your AC is not an ideal solution because you need to choose the best one according to the specifications of manufacturer. You can find leakages in various parts of your air conditioning system, such as in valve and access port is very common, and you may also find leaks in condensing and evaporative coil. To fix these leakages, you need to planning to hire a refrigeration mechanic because it requires some heavy-duty soldering machines.

Worn out motor: You can face some operational issues in your air conditioning system. If you try to run your air conditioners forcefully then the blower motor will catch the fire. To fix such problems, you must check the breaker panel of your AC. You will find two breakers in your air conditioning system, first one is in the condenser and second one is installed in your fan. You need to turn off both the breakers and start them after a few minutes. If you find the breakers continue to flip, then it’s time to replace your breaker panels. Apart from that, clogged pipes of your AC can also damage the switch and you would not be able to switch on your air conditioning system. You must check the drain hose of your AC and clean it if required.

Frozen coil: It is one of the most common issues in any air conditioning system. There are several reasons, and you need to find out the exact problem to fix this issue. For example, restricted air flow due to dirt in filter can freeze the coil or it may happen due to low refrigerant. Even, faulty parts can also freeze the coil of your AC. Turn off your air conditioning system for an hour and run it in auto or fan mode. Apart from that, you must clean the dust and dirt deposited in the evaporative coil. If you have ducts installed in your ceiling or walls, then you must clean your ducts to solve restricted airflow problems.

Foul smells coming out from ACs: Sometimes foul smells come out from the ducts or the vents of the air conditioning system which needs to be cleaned by a reliable professional to detect the exact issue. Bacteria builds up inside your air conditioning system can lead to severe health issues. You need to open your windows and doors and use some air fresheners to fix this issue. Along with that, you must check your outdoor unit because sometimes you will find nests built by birds on the outside unit and you need to clean them properly.


You can follow the above steps to fix your air conditioning system, but you need to hire a licensed and certified air conditioning service to maintain your cooling system.